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Every business needs procedures and training for dealing with emergencies, including fire.   If the procedures are sound and there is adequate training, your business will be well prepared to handle emergencies and you will be meeting your legal responsibilities.

(Below is an extract from one of our training refresher videos – allow a few moments for it to self-load)

Everyone at your place of work should be inspired by the importance of fire training and emergency procedures.

The best training creates engaged employees who understand their responsibilities and are ready to protect life, perhaps property and maybe even the future viability of your business.   We ask all of our clients – “can you say with confidence that your staff fully understand the following..?”

  • First response procedures & equipment
  • The steps involved in a successful evacuation
  • The importance & responsibilities of the emergency committee
  • The critical coordinating role of fire wardens
  • Special evacuation procedures for people with particular needs
  • Proper use & maintenance of exits & assembly points
  • How to use fire safety equipment like extinguishers and fire blankets
  • The need for staff to receive regular training and genuinely engage in the process

Following our onsite fire safety training programs we provide a comprehensive and complimentary fire safety video refresher course which summarises how to deal with fire safety and emergency procedures in the work place.
The video series has been prepared for employees, employers, safety officers, fire wardens, managers, directors and all business owners and it significantly increases the retention of critical fire safety information..

If you are not a training organisation please feel free to link to this site and use our material as a part of your refresher fire training or staff induction program.

If you have any concerns or you need professional and engaging fire safety training we would be glad to assist.

Please feel free to review our suite of onsite fire safety training courses and programs. 

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